Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I am still learning

I'm really new to the world of blogging. Oh yes, I had been following (silently) a few blogs on and off for a couple of years but that was about it. I had dreamed about having my own blog but I thought that it was too difficult to learn and besides, who was "I" to think that anyone would be interested in what I was doing or have to say?  

I got brave a little while ago and started my creative blog ... mainly to help me to document "things" that I have been creating because I have always (secretly) wanted to write an arts and crafts related book. Having a blog is the best thing that I have done. I've been connecting to so many creative souls in such a short period of time. And learning to blog isn't that difficult ... it's actually kind of fun!  I still want to learn how to add links so that I can offer free digital art and project sheets ... if anyone can help me with that detail - I'd appreciate it! It's been a great adventure so far and I am always amazed by how many great blogs and inspiring people there are out there.

I was very excited to receive a blog award last week from Carol The Answer Is Chocolate . I didn't even know what a blog award was until I met Carol!!! .... see, I'm still learning!

So in the spirit of the award and to "pay it forward" I'm going to AWARD the Trendy Treehouse Award to
10 blogs that I think have been "on trend" and that have been inspiring me lately:

wow ... it was hard to pick just 10 ... but I hope that you have time to check some or all of these blogs out ...
have wonderful day today!

Enjoy life ... this is not a dress rehearsal.