Wednesday, July 21, 2010

my studio desk and ecojot contest entry

Today I was inspired by ecojot to take a picture of my studio office computer desk. They are running a contest that you can check out here for more details. I thought that I would digitally scrapbook the pictures of my desk with elements that I purchased here earlier this week. 

I like ecojot's mini journals the best ... they fit into a purse ... and I use them all of the time to doodle my ideas and concepts. Once a journal is filled, I add it to a collection of journals I keep in a basket on my desk ... I use the journals as a reference when I am in need of some inspiration.

Ecojot's journals are so cute ... I love that they are made in Canada and printed on 100% recycled stock. The graphics on the journals are always so colourful and inspiring. I really like ecojot's brand and it is on my "wish list" to work for them as a freelance designer one day.  

The contest is on until August 15th so if you have a chance ... check them out! And if you don't enter ... keep your fingers crossed for me!!!!