Monday, August 9, 2010

Somerset Studio GreenCraft magazine

We just got home from our summer vacation last night ... we had a great time and after two weeks of family fun at the cottage everyone was ready to leave the country and get back to the city and our regular routines.

I was so excited to find in our mailbox a copy of the autumn 2010 GreenCraft magazine by Somerset Studio. I knew that my vintage crystal ornaments were going to be featured in the magazine and I could hardly wait to look through the magazine and find my project. I was thrilled to see how they photographed my ornament. I knew that the photography would be amazing ... that's one thing you can always count on from any Somerset Studio publication ... but what I couldn't believe was how much of "my story" was included in the text ... thank you so much Jana Holstein for writing such a beautiful article!  

GreenCraft magazine is a newer publication of Somerset Studio ... it features so many great ideas for repurposing materials into art and ecologically chic creations and I really love that the magazine is printed on recycled paper! I have lots to do around the house this week but I'm now looking forward to my weekly doctor visit on Tuesday and some tests that I'm having done at the hospital on Wednesday because that's when I will have  time to sit and read my new GreenCraft magazine and get inspired!

Here's another picture of one of my vintage crystal ornaments that I took this morning.  Last night I was thinking that this week I will try to show you some of the "repurposed" projects that I made at the cottage while we were on holidays and I'll give you some step by step instructions for making these vintage crystal ornaments.