Sunday, March 27, 2011

Donna Downey Class at the Art House Studio

I had the pleasure of meeting Donna Downey this weekend and taking one of her classes at The Art House Studio in Kitchener. Donna was extremely fun and entertaining. I had a one hour drive home after class and I was feeling so inspired that when I was pulling off the highway I realized that I was in "autopilot" and had been dreaming all the way home.

 This was Donna's sample for the Friday night class ... "a life inspired". Donna's iron ons were great ... it was the first time that I had used them.  I'm made my own before but these ones were great because you could layer the iron ons ... something that you can't do with the ones you make yourself. And the "inspire" iron on has a velvet like texture that is so nice. You get two in the package so I have another one to play with on another project. 

I wish that I could have taken some of Donna's classes on Saturday because the project samples for those classes were amazing too. Many of the ladies that were in my class had signed up for all of Donna's classes this weekend ... I'm sure that they had a great weekend.

This is my finished project ... I didn't finish my project in class because I wanted to sew my photo to my canvas page so I had to complete it at home on Saturday morning.

I realized on Saturday morning that I had lost the inspiring words that Donna had supplied in the class so I had to cut out my own words from one of my books.  I felt very inspired after talking to Donna so my words say "believe in yourself always" ... and I wrote about the class on the side of the canvas so that I will always remember where I created this piece.

I took this picture before class started ... don't you just adore the groovy aprons! On the left is Karen from The Art House Studio she made her apron, of course that's Donna in the middle and on the right is Lisa from Scrapfest who is wearing a Donna Downey apron.

Donna has a great blog/website and I especially love her "inspiration wednesday" posts ... check out her last inspiration wednesday post here. I found this post very inspiring ... I love to see her in "action" ... Donna has such a great sense of humor ... she is sooo entertaining! Donna had her journal with her so I was lucky to see the original art from this post. I have to tell you  that it was just a beautiful as what you see on her post. I love all of the details and the layering.

Thanks to Karen of The Art House Studio for putting this weekend with Donna together. It was a night that I will remember for a long time. You can see our Friday night class picture here!