Friday, April 29, 2011

Wills + Kate ... all we need is LOVE is all we need

(illustration is from Google's home page this morning)
I got up a little early this morning to watch William and Katherine's wedding ... my husband thought that I was crazy but I didn't really care. I wanted to see Diana's sweet little boy get married.

I can still remember getting up early to watch Diana and Charles' wedding many years ago. Diana and I were both born in the summer of 1961 and she died on the day of my 36th birthday (another day that I remember, sadly). I always thought that Diana was a wonderful Mother and it is so nice to see that her boys have grown up to be such nice ("normal") young men.

I think that Diana would have loved the wedding ceremony and the kiss(es) on the balcony.

I was cutting wedding invitations this morning for a friend's daughter's wedding as I watched the wedding on television ... the invitations needed to be cut and it seemed like the thing to do ... especially as I waited to see the royal couple come out onto the balcony at Buckingham Palace. I guess that I will now have the memory of cutting wedding invitations in my pajamas as a part of this day. 

I hope that you have a lovely day!

(element from my "eat cake and party on" digital kit ")